How Much Does Direct Mail Cost?

The cost of a direct mail campaign depends on several factors. These include design, printing, and mailing. The price varies depending on the volume of mail sent, the size of the mail piece, and the weight of the paper.

First class mail is typically the most expensive option. It provides the fastest delivery and precise tracking. Standard class offers a less accurate tracking system. However, it also offers slower processing and delivery. The difference in postage costs between first and standard class is significant.

The costs associated with the creation of a successful direct mail campaign can be quite high. A professional design team can cost a small fortune. A do-it-yourself design may be more affordable.

Copywriting is another important component of the direct marketing campaign. It is important to develop an effective message that will drive consumers to take action. Some businesses prefer to hire a professional for this service. Other organizations use a template.

The best way to find out what the actual cost of a direct mail campaign is is to divide it by the number of units being sent. For instance, a ten thousand unit campaign will cost $0.10 per unit. It is important to remember that these numbers vary depending on the size of the mail piece and the type of mailing list.

Typical printing costs range from $0.03 to $2.00 per unit. This is a low figure considering the fact that many companies offer bulk discounts.


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